Anna’s Priorities

Abortion Rights

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the continuing attacks on reproductive rights across the country, we need a leader with a proven record of standing up for abortion access and reproductive freedom. As State Senator, Anna co-sponsored the New York Reproductive Health Act and laws to make contraceptive care accessible to all women. She even wrote a law protecting medical professionals who provide abortions to out-of-state patients, making New York a safe haven for women in need.


In Congress, Anna will pass federal laws codifying Roe, protecting women’s reproductive rights nationwide.

Gun Safety

Anna has been a champion for common-sense gun safety legislation in New York. She’s written some of the nation’s toughest gun safety laws, closing dangerous loopholes and getting untraceable ghost guns out of our community. She’s invested millions in gun violence prevention programs and worked with law enforcement to keep our community safe. Families in our community deserve a Congresswoman who will fight tooth and nail to keep us safe from gun violence — and Anna is the best woman for the job.


As our next Congresswoman, Anna will pass federal laws banning assault-style rifles, limiting magazine capacity, banning ghost guns and their components and enhancing federal background checks for firearm purchases.

Cutting Taxes, Growing the Economy

Anna has fought tirelessly for the hard working families of our community. Not only did she cut state middle-class income taxes to their lowest level in 70 years, she passed a permanent cap on property taxes and delivered a $2.2 billion tax rebate, saving local taxpayers millions of dollars. As Chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development, and Small Business, Anna played a critical role in supporting small businesses and promoting job growth for our community. Anna was a champion for New York’s businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and secured $800 million to create New York’s Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program.


Anna knows how to fight for a strong economy, and she’s ready to keep up the fight as our next Congresswoman.

Public Education

Across the country, public education has come under fire from GOP extremists waging fake culture wars, but Anna believes that public education should be a driver of opportunity — not controversy. She’s fought tirelessly for our public schools, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in funding increases to make sure all of our children have the best educational opportunities possible. Anna believes that our schools should be an inclusive, supportive environment for everyone, where every student can have the opportunity to succeed.


In Congress, Anna will continue her fight for students, parents, and teachers and to make sure our schools continue to be some of the best in the country.

Environmental Protection

Our planet recently experienced some of the hottest days in its history, here in New York, smoke from unprecedented Canadian wildfires made our air almost unbreathable. After decades of warnings,climate change is here and it is significantly impacting our community. This crisis demands experienced leadership and immediate action. In the State Senate, Anna helped pass the strongest environmental protections in the history of our state. She also brought millions of dollars back to our community to protect our beaches and drinking water and to harden our infrastructure against the next superstorm.


As our next Congresswoman, Anna will fight to transition our community and our country to the green economy of the future without sacrificing affordability for our families.

Public Safety

During her time in the State Senate, Anna was our community’s voice of reason, passing laws to keep our community safe and to help keep criminals off the street. She sponsored and passed groundbreaking laws tackling catalytic converter theft and hate crimes and she’s brought back millions of dollars in funding for our police and first responders.


In Congress, Anna will fight for additional funding for law enforcement and first responders, as well as for programs designed to identify, house and treat the seriously mentally ill and drug-addicted, making our streets and communities safer for all.

Standing up for Israel

As a former Jewish child refugee, Anna is a fierce and unassailable champion for the State of Israel and a living embodiment of the need for a safe and secure independent state for the Jewish People in their ancestral land. She’s spoken out, forcefully and repeatedly, against the antisemitic BDS movement, and sponsored legislation to prohibit New York State from contracting with corporations that boycott Israel. While in the State Senate, Anna sponsored an annual resolution on Israel’s Independence Day celebrating  and renewing the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the State of Israel and the State of New York.


As our next Congresswoman, Anna will continue her support for Israel and ensure that the special relationship between the U.S. and the only democracy in the Middle East continues and thrives.

Transparency and Integrity

Here in NY-03, we’re sick and tired of elected officials who do nothing but lie. It’s time for us to elect a representative who speaks the truth, promotes transparency, and leads with honesty. And Anna has proven time and again that we can trust her to govern with integrity and restore trust in our leaders.

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